Youth Meet Dora the Cat and Write Creatively About Her Adventures
By Carol Weemes
Posted on August 25, 2012, August 25, 2012

Dora the Cat's Adventures Stimulate Many Creative Ideas for the Mysterious Cat's Tale

Did Dora the Cat ride on an airplane, by train, or automobile on her 850 mile journey? On August 14, children aged kindergarten through 5th grade had an opportunity to meet the infamous Dora in person at Arlington Animal Services (AAS) and spend thoughtful time writing imaginatively about what they thought may have happened on her journey from Arlington, Texas to Durango, Colorado.

Thanks to a microchip implant and kindhearted, conscientious Colorado citizen Padgie Kimmick, who runs a cattery with a trap/neuter/return program for feral cats, Dora was returned home to her pet owner, Anna Polland. At her cattery for feral cats, Kimmick was unexpectedly approached by a docile cat that rubbed affectionately at her legs which was completely uncharacteristic of feral cats. Upon this revelation, Kimmick quickly scanned the friendly feline for a microchip, and to her surprise (and Dora's good fortune), there was one, so she was able to place a welcomed, and long awaited telephone call to Polland. Dora had been missing for almost a year!

Everyone has been speculating as to what Dora saw and experienced on her journey to Colorado. It is a mystery, and inspired the idea of having a fun and creative writing event hosted by AAS and the Arlington Public Library.

AAS Manager Chris Huff and Arlington Reads Manager Yoko Matsumoto led the class of 18 talented youth to describe in writing, and/or illustrations, what they thought Dora experienced on her adventure.

Many talented writers participated, making the judging more challenging. Two clever writers emerged; Natalie Santamaria representing age group K-2, and Ben Marshall in the grades 3-5 category, won the contest and were awarded loads of special prizes.

Not only did the youth in attendance meet Dora, they also learned about the importance of micro-chipping and animal licensing so that if a pet ever becomes lost it will have a better chance of being reunited with its family.

Special thanks to everyone that attended. Each child received gifts, a shelter tour, snacks, and a certificate for their participation.

Special thanks to Yoko and staff from Arlington Public Library for partnering on this special event. Most of all, thank you to Padgie Kimmick for her kindness and generosity flying Dora all the way home from Colorado, for a joyful reunion with Anna Polland, and to both, for sharing Dora's amazing story!

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