Arlington City Council To Consider Tighter Smoking Limits
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 15, 2012, October 15, 2012

The Arlington City Council will consider a vote on the ordinance that would limit the number of smoking areas at the Rangers Ballpark and other venues throughout the city. At the Ballpark, smoking would be eliminated on the balconies of the private Cuervo Club, and smoking areas on the upper concourse would be reduced and moved farther out from seating and concessions. Smoking areas on the ground level of the open-air stadium would also become more visible through floor markings.

Indoor smoking is already banned at the Cowboys Stadium and most other places in Arlington. Tuesday, the council is also set to vote on proposals to prohibit smoking in public parks, billiard halls, nightclubs and bowling alleys. Bars, bingo parlors, private clubs, private offices and tobacco shops would not be affected.

Arlington' s smoking ordinance was last revised in 2008.

In October, the council will also vote on proposals to prohibit smoking in public parks, billiard halls, nightclubs, bowling alleys and the city' s last strip club. The changes would not affect bars, bingo parlors, private clubs, private offices or tobacco shops. The ordinance bans smoking within 50 feet of a building' s entrance, so banning smoking altogether inside the ballpark would force ticket holders who want to smoke to leave ballpark property. Council members were shown a map of the ballpark marked with a line showing the 50-foot perimeter.

"You are either in the street or you are in the median,' said Roger Venables, assistant director for community development and planning. "It' s really not a practical solution to take it outside.'

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