Fellow Officers Recognize Heroic Actions
By Office of Communication
Posted on June 06, 2012, June 06, 2012

Two Arlington officers who have worked alongside Tactical Officer Bryan Graham spoke to the news media today about the officer's character as he recovers in a Fort Worth hospital from a gunshot wound to the head, following a shooting near Arkansas and Collins Tuesday.

They spoke about the officer's strong work ethics and passion for the job, calling him a hero because of his ability to perform under pressure by putting his life on the line.

"The mission must be completed" said Tactical Officer Charles Crawford who spent much of the night with the officer and his family. "My thoughts are with my partner."

Officer Crawford said Officer Graham "shows up to work every day. He trains other officers. I couldn't be more proud of Bryan Graham and who he is" he said.

Graham was said to have had two concerns while remaining conscious and recovering. "He wanted to know, "Did I do my job right,' and "Is my family okay?', " Officer Crawford told news media.

Graham is an 11-year veteran of the Arlington Police Department and has been member of the Tactical Unit since 2005. The 35-year-old is a husband and father of two, and was doing his job when gunfire rang out on Tuesday during a hostage situation. The shooting suspect is deceased. One arrest has been made. There were no other injuries.

"Officer Graham is truly an outstanding individual" said Sgt. Curtis Pettis, who was a fellow classmate in Academy Class #18 that started APD training on August 7, 2000. "This kind of thing hits you kind of hard."

While visiting with him at the hospital, Sgt. Pettis said, "I saw in his eyes, that he was ready to go back to work."

"We signed up to do the job" he told reporters. "We've made a commitment to the citizens of Arlington to serve and protect."

The officers thanked the Arlington Police Department family, the citizens of Arlington and Arlington Citizens Police Academy, including the Fort Worth Police Department for the outpouring of support for Officer Graham.

"He has our support and we are here for him" Sgt. Pettis said.

by Cheryel Carpenter

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