Enjoy Lake Arlington During Lakes Appreciation Month
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 10, 2012, July 10, 2012

July is Lakes Appreciation Month, and with temperatures soaring, it's the perfect time to go have some fun on Lake Arlington or put some thought into protecting this amazing resource here in the City of Arlington!

"With increasing populations, development, and stressors on our water bodies we really need to take the time to consider where we'd be without water, "states the North American Lake Management Society, the creator of Lakes Appreciation Month, "All life relies on this valuable resource and we often take for granted that these resources will always be there and always be useable."

Set aside a week, a day, or even just an hour this month to celebrate Lake Arlington by participating in one or more of the following activities:

  1. "Like" the Lake Arlington Facebook page, which will post information each week about what's going on with the lake and how you can be more lake friendly.
  2. Go fishing. Check out The Fishing Librarian at facebook.com/thefishinglibrarian for tips on fishing at Lake Arlington.
  3. Go boating or sailing this month, but make sure to take steps to avoid spreading zebra mussels and other invasives! Check out texasinvasives.org for more information.
  4. Canoers and kayakers can take advantage of enjoying the Lake Arlington Paddling Trail.
  5. Go birding or picture taking at one of the Lake Arlington parks. Send your pictures to [email protected].
  6. Plan to participate in or organize a clean-up event.
  7. Be lake friendly! Use lawn chemicals wisely, plant native plants, build a rain barrel, and pick up pet waste. Find more tips by reading "The Citizens Guide to Stormwater Pollution Prevention."
  8. Email [email protected] for more information on how you can get involved in protecting Lake Arlington and its watershed.

Lakes Appreciation Month is the perfect time to not only enjoy Lake Arlington, which serves as a drinking water supply for over 500,000 people in the DFW Metroplex, but also to think about how to protect it. Lake Arlington also provides great fishing and boating opportunities and hosts several recreational clubs as well as the first Texas Lake Paddling Trail. There are two City parks on the Arlington side of the lake and one on the Fort Worth side, and plenty of wildlife neighbors to appreciate.

By Meagan Fendley

Enjoy Lake Arlington

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