Responsible Pet Grooming Academy Attracts Scouts
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 15, 2012, August 15, 2012

Girl Scouts Meet Dog Scouts for Learning, Earning Badges, and Summertime Fun!

Duncan, Halo, and Rocky, of Dog Scouts of America, were three, cool, happy pooches despite the summer heat wave as they each received refreshing baths by teams of newly trained Girl Scouts in the second session of the 2012 Responsible Pet Grooming Academy on Saturday, July 28.

Arlington Animal Services manager Chris Huff led the young ladies from troops 2141, 2165, 2175, and 2195 to earning badges for their participation in this hands-on, learning event.

Each Dog Scout was introduced to the class, and when Duncan met everyone, he provided special entertainment as he demonstrated his dancing and begging techniques with perfect skill and grace at the direction of his owner and handler, Mary Weigandt.

Huff taught safety tips on how to properly meet a dog, with Dog Scouts providing their trained canines for a one-on-one demonstration. The Girl Scouts made a promise to do the following when approaching an unknown dog:

  • Get permission from their parent, or guardian.
  • Ask permission of the dog's handler.
  • Ask permission of the dog by allowing the dog to sniff the back of your hand followed by side petting,
  • And, most importantly: Stranger Danger! A child without a parent or guardian must never approach a stranger with a puppy, dog, cat, bunny, or any pet.

Huff educated the scouts about the law concerning proper disposal of animal waste when walking a pet, to avoid costly tickets, and polluting the environment.

A brief slide show with a demonstration was provided before the actual pet grooming segment began, with information about how to prepare for, and properly bathe a dog. The group was taken outside to the enclosed dog run area of the shelter, where three fresh pools of water had were prepared for the dog washing to begin. The dogs' faces were gently washed with wash cloths, their coats lathered up with helping hands, and then the rinsing began. The dogs were towel dried and their shiny coats brushed. Many participants described this part of the class a lot of fun!

A personal shelter tour was provided by Huff as she led the scouts through animal receiving, the Moritz Animal Wellness Center, officers' quarters, the laundry room, a grooming area, past the quarantine area, into the dog kennels, cat condos, meet and greet rooms, and more.

The two hour action-packed session concluded with certificates distributed to all Girl Scouts and Dog Scouts in attendance. Lisa Sengbusch, leader of Brownie troop 2175, there with her daughters, Kylie and Devon, commented "this is a great program".

Special thanks to each canine that participated in the 2012 Responsible Pet Grooming Academy: Leroy Brown of Respect A Bull, Inc.; Daisy; Duncan, Holly, and Rocky (all with Dog Scouts of America); and Duncan, whose pet parent is an Animal Services staff member. The success of these educational events would not be possible without these great, animal loving community partners.

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By Carol Weemes

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