Bowie High School Vocational Adjustment Class
By Office of Communication
Posted on December 05, 2011, December 05, 2011

Students Receive Education in Animal Bite Prevention, Animal Ordinances, and a Shelter Tour

Students from James Bowie High School's Vocational Adjustment Class learned and then demonstrated how to "be a rock" and "be a tree" in response to being approached by a strange animal. They also learned about properly disposing of pet waste to be in compliance with the city's animal ordinance.

Community Services Educator Chris Huff led the students on an educational tour, teaching about animal intake, reclamations, animal quarantine, volunteerism, and more. Students enjoyed meeting Leroy Brown of Respect A Bull, Inc.

Bowie teacher, Rachelle Ivanova, remarked that the shelter is a wonderful place and expressed an interest in volunteering. Students also offered positive feedback during the visit.

If interested in a program to benefit your community group or organization, please contact Community Services Educator Chris Huff at [email protected] or give Chris a call at 817-459-6269 for more information.

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Bowie High School Vocational Adjustment Class

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