Pets of the Week - Ripley and Coco
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Posted on January 08, 2024, January 08, 2024

Pets of the Week

Dog of the Week – Meet Ripley

This seven years, one and a half months old female Shepherd mix is brown and black in color and weighs 41 pounds. Believe it or not, Ripley has not been adopted yet so we are highlighting her again this week. Maybe you were caught up in making new year's resolutions or getting so used to writing 2024 instead of 2023 that you missed seeing the bio on this great dog last week. Yes, she is a "senior" resident, but she still has a lot of life and love in her. Having been in the shelter for more than two months, she REALLY is ready to find her new "furever" home. Two months is too long for any animal to be in the shelter, but Ripley is confident her next new pet guardian will soon come to adopt her. She has a curious nature and loves "hooman" interaction. And don't even mention belly rubs—she loves them (as you may notice from her photo)!! Because she is a little smaller in stature, she might be the best fit for your home. As a VIP designated animal, Ripley can be adopted for a reduced adoption fee. Meet Ripley at Dog Adoptions (DA) 5, her ID number is A54744004.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Coco

This three years, seven months old female Pit Bull Terrier mix is black and white in color and weighs 67 pounds. So, after the longest shelter resident mentioned above, Coco is our next longest resident at over 45 days. Her personal new year's resolution is to find a home and a couch that comes complete with a family, whether it be a single person that she "completes" or a family of twelve. She isn't picky, she just wants to get and give love to her companions. While in the play yard, she likes to visit with the other canine neighbors in the next play yard. While she may seem "Un Poco Loco" at first when outside, once she burns off some of that energy she likes to relax in the sun and soak up some "pets". A family ready to provide exercise opportunities and lots of attention would probably be a good fit for Coco. Due to the amount of time she has spent in the shelter, Coco is considered a VIP pet and is available for a reduced adoption fee. As Coco would probably say, when you come to the shelter looking for your next furry companion, "Remember Me". Meet Coco at Dog Adoptions (DA) 12, her ID number is A50430784.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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