Pets of the Week - Meet Congress & Lucky
By Animal Services
Posted on November 06, 2023, November 06, 2023

Pets of the week

Dog of the Week – Meet Congress

This five months old male Shepherd mix is black and brown in color and weighs 20 pounds. Congress is a typical puppy-loves to play, is excited to see everyone, is affectionate and very loving. When brought into the shelter just over a month ago, this fella was showing some hair loss and having some eye troubles. His eye issues have been taken care of by the vet staff and he is on the mend. He can see much better now and feels much better as well.

Additionally, his skin issues seem to have improved leading our vet staff to believe this is just a genetic trait of his. Perhaps he's been overlooked by potential adopters because of his "unique" look but we just think this makes him extra special! Potential adopters that can look past his unique look and see what a wonderful dog he is are asked to make their way to the shelter and give this guy a chance. Congress has been designated as a VIP pet allowing him to be adopted at a reduced fee. Meet Congress at Dog Condo (DC) 3, his ID number is A54548787.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Lucky

This seven years old male German Shepherd mix is black and brown in color and weighs 66 pounds. Here is another "lucky" dog waiting to be adopted by a new pet guardian. Lucky has made the shelter his home for the last month after being brought in as a stray. While he wasn't "arrested", he was brought to us by a policeman who found him wandering alone. Since he has not been reclaimed he is ready for adoption. Even though he's a little older, he still loves to play and have fun. He thinks tennis balls are about the coolest things in the world. Lucky has achieved VIP status due to having tested as heartworm positive. Information can be provided on treatment options at time of adoption. A loving family is all that is required to give Lucky his best chance to live out his golden years. Meet Lucky at Dog Adoption (DA) 25, his ID number is A54534189.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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