Pets of the Week - Meet Rosebud & Marky Mark
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Posted on November 21, 2022, November 21, 2022

Dogs of the week

Dog of the Week - Meet Rosebud

This two-year-old female Shepherd mix is tan and black in color and weighs 60 pounds. Rosebud has been in the shelter for over 45 days and that's just too long! She needs all the help she can get to be adopted by a loving family and would probably enjoy kids to run with and to play fetch with. Because she has had a lot of practice (while being socialized), she walks well on a leash. Being cooped up in a kennel, this canine has energy to spare and is eager to get to the play yard to expend some of that energy. Rosebud is a true lover of attention. Taking treats nicely and knowing the command of "sit" are goals easily achieved by her. As a VIP pet, due to her length of time in the shelter, a new pet adopter can take advantage of special reduced adoption fees. When you come to the shelter to adopt, the only name on your lips should be--Rosebud. Rosebud is in Dog Adoptions (DA) 16 and her ID number is A51251119.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Marky Mark

This one-year seven-months-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is white and brown in color and weighs 52 pounds. Oh my--Marky Mark has our other dog of the week beat on length of stay in the shelter at over 51 days!! He's been a little under the weather due to an upper respiratory infection but should be getting over it. Let's give credit where credit is due---take a look at those ears of his—don't you just love that little "kink" in his right ear. He is a "model" dog and seems to know how fabulous he really is. Due to being "sequestered" during his URI, he has energy in reserve. Once he has time to release that energy (excitement) then he does great. Known for displaying great leash manners, Marky Mark is just a fun dog—attentive, curious and friendly. With a reduced adoption fee due to being a VIP pet, don't let this one get away. Marky Mark has all the "ear" marks of being a perfect family dog. Meet Marky Mark’s ID number is A51219746.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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