Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington Prepares for Scariest Fright Fest Ever
By Six Flags Over Texas Communication
Posted on September 17, 2019, September 17, 2019

Six Flags Over Texas will turn in to the Fear Capital of Texas during Fright Fest, Sept. 21 through Nov. 3 

Six Flags Over Texas, the Thrill Capital of Texas, will unleash the most intense and terrifying Fright Fest to date starting Sept. 21 that will feature 20 Fright Fest attractions, including three all-new, bone-chilling premium haunted houses and the return of the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge.

With nearly 30 terrifying nights of ghouls and crazed characters ready to strike fear in any one who crosses their path, Six Flags Over Texas will turn in to the Fear Capital of Texas during Fright Fest, Sept. 21 through Nov. 3.

“Six Flags Over Texas produces one of the most top-rated and scariest products in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which is the reason we have been voted as the premier theme park destination, in the state, for Halloween events by USA TODAY readers,” stated Park President Steve Martindale. “Our Fright Fest product is beloved by our guests, many of whom have been coming for years and look forward to the new twists and sinister spins we showcase each season.”

Highlights of this year’s Fright Fest lineup include:

• Curse of Ra, when you enter through the ancient Egyptian portals you will be transported into the Valley of the Kings where the great Pharaoh Ra’s tomb is buried. Explorers have been thirsting for the hordes of treasure that the infamous tomb is said to hold. However, this quest does not come without traumatic defeat because those who enter never return. Enter if you dare to challenge, The Curse of Ra!

• Art of Torture, within the decaying rusted walls of this studio throughout its hallowed halls is an artist, so sick and so twisted that their creative work will live in your nightmares for the rest of your life. Those who enter the art gallery will see creations around each corner that consist of humans who were tortured until they could not take it any longer and were left to die. Will you be his next masterpiece?

• Alien Incubator, Within the secured walls of a secret military base, scientists have brought an alien back to study it. The life form has been kept secret for many years that is until now! The military base has become a full on Alien Incubator ruled by a giant Alien Queen.

• 30-Hour Coffin Challenge, returns for year two when six selected coffin dwellers vie for a cash prize while facing eerie visitors and challenges along the way. Contestants will live inside one of the park’s premium haunted houses as part of this year’s competition. The undead will enter their coffins on Friday, Oct. 4 and the winner resurrected the night of Saturday, Oct. 5. 

• Dead Man’s Party Presents: Hellz Bellz, as legend has it, found in little Charlotte’s bedroom, inside an abandoned family mansion, are her long forgotten dolls that come to life each night and “dance macabre” terrorizing all that dare to trespass into the demented world of Hellz Bellez.

Along with Curse of Ra, Art of Torture and Alien Incubator, popular returning premium haunted houses that incorporate state-of-the-art makeup, props and special effects: 

• Hell Block 6— Sentenced to Death, it’s the one place you hoped you would never go. This holding area is full of your darkest fears and imagination. There is NO Escape from HELL BLOCK!

• Piggy’s Blood Shed, a long-forgotten roadside attraction along Route 666, this hog farm, famous for its bacon and BBQ, is open under new ownership. This genetically altered porker has taken over serving a whole new “Q” that tastes like anything but chicken. Stop in to Piggy’s Blood Shed…it’s horror gone hog wild.

• Blackout, try and navigate your way through the dark as your senses are assaulted from all directions. Those who show their fear will be the first to go, so beware of the things that go bump in the night.

Guests can also enjoy five free scare zones that are throughout the park, so there’s nowhere to hide and no corner is ghoul-free. They are:

• The Witching Hour, happens 30 minutes before the park closes which happens to coincide with the most active time for the dead. Beasts that roam, who are looking for fresh flesh, come lurking about and love to circle around the front of the park. They’re thirsty and hungry for human flesh and are known to take survey of unsuspecting guests who are attempting to leave.

• Squeal… Long Pig, beware when you hear those grunts and squeals coming closer because you just might be the main course, Long Pig!

• Anarchy Unleashed— Survive the Night, an evil gang shares a common identity; they’ve all escaped from Hell Block Maximum Prison. They are now on a mission to terrorize society for sentencing them to prison. Beware of their ruthless gatherings because some of them have developed a unique way to slide into your life… FOREVER.

• Voodoo Swamp, the original zombie myth came to life in the swamps and bayous of New Orleans decades ago. Now the spirits are calling the Caddo Lake Barge area of the park their new home. Cursed are those who enter the Voodoo Swamp!

• Freaktown Side Show, once a thriving traveling circus, Freaktown Side Show quickly lost its reputation when jealousy within its community lead to “elimination.” Today, outsiders are not welcomed or even near what’s left of their demented tent.

Spooktacular shows, including the 25th anniversary performance of the event’s cult favorite show—Arania’s Nightmare— await, too. Guests can follow along as the Black Widow bride continues her manhunt for husband number 14 and listen for this year’s trendy one-liners along the way.

For Thrills by Day, kids are invited to experience the park’s Trick-or-Treat trail and Halloween themed shows, rides and attractions throughout the day. Be warned, after 7:00 p.m., all HELL breaks loose and the attractions will be too intense for young children.

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