New Entry Signs in Arlington Parks
By Office of Communication
Posted on December 03, 2012, December 03, 2012

As part of a series of beautification projects, the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department has been replacing older park entry signs as certain facilities are renovated or the existing signs deteriorate. Five signs were replaced in 2011, and an additional six signs are currently being installed at the following locations: Arlington Tennis Center, Bowman Springs Park, Clarence Thompson Park, Gibbins Park, H.A.D. Dunsworth Park, Parkway Central Park, and Elzie Odom Athletic Center. The sign at Elzie Odom will include the addition of a digital message board that can display announcements and events.

"Currently, the City has a number of park signs that are deteriorating and need to be replaced. Many of the wooden "football' or recycled plastic entry signs have been in place for over 20 years,' said Briana Morrison, the Project Manager for the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department. "Our new standard signs, made of stone, are designed to be durable and attractive.'

Arlington has a total of 90 parks; therefore, it will take a number of years to replace all the signage throughout the park system. Connect with the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department on facebook at to stay informed about upcoming projects around the City!

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