DWI Enforcement program begins July 3
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 02, 2012, July 02, 2012

The Arlington Police Department will begin a DWI Enforcement program tomorrow. From Tuesday, July 3, 2012, through Monday, July 8, 2012, the DWI and Traffic units will implement a zero-tolerance approach to alcohol-related offenses. This increased enforcement effort includes a "no refusal" period. For any motorists stopped under suspicion of driving under the influence and refuse to provide a breath specimen, officers will seek a search warrant to obtain a blood sample. This no-refusal period is being operated at the same time as other North Texas law enforcement agencies.

Historically, approximately 50 percent of all traffic fatalities in Arlington and across the state involve drug and/or alcohol intoxication. Lives are dramatically changed by the decision to drive intoxicated. The Arlington Police Department encourages people not to allow friends to get behind the wheel after drinking, and call 911 to report reckless driving and possible drunk drivers. Everyone plays a role in the effort to reduce alcohol- and drug-related vehicle accidents.

DWI Enforcement

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