Neighborhood Plans

A Neighborhood Plan is the City of Arlington's official policy document that guides future development of a neighborhood and includes short- and long-term recommendations developed by neighborhood residents. After adoption, the Neighborhood Plan becomes part of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Neighborhood Planning Program addresses opportunities for residential development and promotes neighborhood stability and sustainability.

Is Neighborhood Planning right for your neighborhood? 

We encourage residents to explore our Neighborhood Organizational Handbook, which covers topics to help organize your neighborhood. A strong neighborhood organization creates the essential foundation to implement your neighborhood plan and collective vision and sustains your neighborhood progress over time.

Getting Started

There are two ways to begin the Neighborhood Planning process. Residents may contact the Office of Strategic Initiatives for a planning consult. City Council may also recommend neighborhood planning for a specific area.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

What is the Neighborhood Planning Process?

Neighborhood Planning is an in-depth process that requires dedicated resident participation and neighborhood commitment. The Office of Strategic Initiatives is here to guide you. We recommend the appointment of a resident steering committee to represent residents' interests throughout the planning process. OSI and the committee will work together to develop a tailored planning framework to define a collective vision, priorities, and plan recommendations. This process generates the learning that informs the neighborhood plan.

Developing the Neighborhood Plan

The initial phase in the planning process evaluates the state of the neighborhood. A series of neighborhood meetings are conducted by City staff to gather resident insights, identify neighborhood issues and concerns, and begin to shape a neighborhood vision that reflects resident desires for the future. City staff, with advice from the steering committee, will write draft recommendations based on resident feedback gathered at the neighborhood meetings. They will also recommend the best approach to implement the recommendations. When the final plan draft is completed, residents will have the opportunity to see their collective input captured in a document that lays a path for neighborhood improvement.

The final phase in the planning process is plan adoption. The plan draft will be reviewed by City Council Committees and in public hearings by the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council. Neighborhood residents and property owners will also participate before these policy bodies, as the plan draft is evaluated and considered. Upon adoption, the Neighborhood Plan is codified as part of 99 Square Miles, the City's Comprehensive Plan, and the neighborhood can begin to implement their plan.

Adopted Neighborhood Plans

Since 2006, nine Neighborhood Plans have been adopted by Arlington City Councils, as guides for future development in the City.

Lake Port Meadows Neighborhood Plan Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Action Plan Fish Creek Neighborhood Plan
Parkview Neighborhood Plan Town North Neighborhood Plan Oak Hill Neighborhood Plan
Neighborhoods Westador Plan
Shorewood Estates