The City of Arlington has a wide range of urban wildlife living in and around beautiful green belts, lakes, streams, and the Trinity River. Arlington is committed to protecting and improving the health and quality of its natural resources.

For decades, Arlington Animal Services (AAS) facilitated the trapping, relocating, or euthanizing of wildlife. Removing wildlife captured in neighborhoods results in a vacuum effect with negative consequences for wildlife and the community.

Studies have shown that relocated animals rarely survive more than two weeks. The relocated animal that is unfamiliar with its new surroundings usually dies of starvation, from injuries inflicted by other wildlife, or other dire circumstances.

AAS is working to educate Arlington residents, business owners, and visitors about urban wildlife. The Sustainable Wildlife Program was initiated to implement proven best practices for harmonious coexistence with wildlife. Support of this program will help attain the best outcome for people, domestic pets, and wildlife in the community.

Let Wildlife Be Wild!