Water is constantly moving from place to place. It is easy to see surface water from rain, or snow and ice melt flowing down streets and into creeks and rivers, but water is also moving through sediment and seeping into aquifers and other bodies of water as groundwater. We can look at how and where water flows by studying an areas’ watershed. A Watershed is an area of land in which surface water and groundwater drain to one central point. This is typically a river or stream which then makes its way to the ocean.

Understanding how watersheds work is important to our community. Watersheds influence a communities floodplain management and water quality management programs. This program focuses on explaining how a watershed functions through the students’ connection to their local watersheds. Students will learn the parts of a watershed and how land uses, and other activities affect flood risk and water quality within a watershed.

Watershed vocabulary is reinforced through the watershed bracelet game and each student receives a Watershed activity booklet.