Arlington Outpacing U.S. in Census Response
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 24, 2020, March 24, 2020

Census FormThe U.S. Census Bureau has released the initial response rates for every state, county and city across the nation. As of Tuesday, March 24, Arlington has a self-response rate of 24.2 percent. That is higher than both the national average (23.6 percent) and the Texas average (19.9 percent.)

Arlington had a self-response rate of 66.3 percent in the 2010 Census, a rate the City is on pace to exceed in 2020 with everyone’s response by August 14.

The response rate map will be updated daily for everyone to see the response rate in their area and compare it to other areas across the nation. 

An accurate Census count affects many areas of American life, from public safety funding to representation in Congress. The City of Arlington formed a citizen-led committee and has been working for more than a year to ensure an accurate count.

Responding to the Census has never been easier. You can now respond over the phone, through the mail or online. Click here to respond to the Census.

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