What to Know: Davis Pressure Plane Phase I on Pace for Spring Completion
By Traci Peterson
Posted on July 30, 2018, July 30, 2018


Arlington Water Utilities' Davis Pressure Plane Project

Phase I of Arlington Water Utilities' Davis Pressure Plane Project - which is primarily located along South Davis Drive, between West Park Row Drive and UTA Boulevard - is on schedule to finish in spring 2019. Here's what has been accomplished so far and what students and faculty returning to the University of Texas at Arlington campus in August can expect to see.


The Davis Pressure Plane Expansion Project is being constructed in two phases. Phase I began in February 2018. Phase II will begin in 2019. After both phases are complete in late 2019, the project will improve water pressure in an area bounded by Cooper Street, Fielder Road, Arkansas Lane, and Sanford Street. In addition, residents in neighborhoods where mains are replaced benefit from more reliable water and sanitary sewer service, better fire protection, improved pavement and new sidewalks, and new curbs and gutters.

What has been completed in Phase I of the project:

  • 3,350 linear feet or about a 2/3-mile of 8-inch sanitary sewer main has been installed.
  • 6,678 linear feet or about 1 ¼ miles of 6-inch to 16-inch water main has been installed. In all, 7,710 linear feet or about 1 ½ miles will be installed.
  • 12 new sanitary sewer manholes have been installed.
  • 62 of 88 new water main valves have been installed.

What to expect this fall:

  • Crews are working on concrete in the area, which includes sidewalk improvements, curbs, gutters, and driveway repairs.
  • After concrete work, road reclamation will begin. Asphalt pavement on South Davis Drive between West Park Row Drive and UTA Boulevard will be reconstructed and should be complete by the end of December. This is the final stage of the Phase I improvements, with cleanup work such as sod placement expected to happen throughout the spring.
  • Various lane closures are expected during the road paving process along South Davis Drive. When possible, two-way traffic will be maintained on South Davis Drive. But, detours may be necessary. Arlington Water Utilities is asking drivers to pay close attention to detour and traffic control signs.

Davis Pressure Plane Expansion Project Map - Phase 1


More information about the project is available online at www.arlingtontx.gov/waterconstruction or by emailing [email protected].

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