Arlington Water Embraces Technology, Begins In-House Pipe-Bursting
By Traci Peterson
Posted on June 19, 2018, June 19, 2018

Two recent Arlington Water Utilities projects are demonstrating the value created by trenchless water main replacements and gaining attention from communities interested in following Arlington's lead.

The two main renewal projects were planned in areas for Arlington's water distribution system with a history of water main breaks.


  • In early June, Arlington Water and Murphy Pipeline Contractors used pipe-bursting to replace about 1,000 feet of water main along Dugan Street, between Ditto Avenue and Willis Avenue in central Arlington. Pipe-bursting is a trenchless method of replacing aging water mains. A new pipe is pulled through the existing main, bursting the old pipe along the way. A new, 8-inch pre-chlorinated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) main was installed on Dugan, in areas that previously had a high number of breaks. About 50 professionals from utilities across Texas visited the work site on June 1 to learn more about using trenchless methods.


  • On May 29, Arlington Water's new in-house pipe-bursting crew kicked off its first project and has already replaced about 900-feet of water main along Hudson Cemetery Road, in the far southeast portion of the Arlington Water Utilities service area. A six-person crew and a construction manager from Arlington Water's field operations division will replace a total of 11,000 feet of old water lines with HDPE pipe, as well as install new water meters for residents. Arlington expects to achieve significant savings and efficiency by forming its own crew of pipe-bursting specialists.

"Trenchless techniques are cost effective, timely, and less disruptive than traditional open cut methods. Embracing these methods is allowing Arlington Water to be even more timely in addressing issues that are affecting residents, such as frequent main breaks," said Walter "Buzz" Pishkur, director of Arlington Water Utilities. With pre-chlorinated pipe-bursting, main replacements on a residential street can be completed in as little as a day, with water service turned off after residents leave in the morning and back on by the time they return home.

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