Arlington Launches WeatherBug to Provide Local Weather Information
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 04, 2015, March 04, 2015

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As another winter storm bears down on North Texas, the City of Arlington is pleased to offer a new way for people to keep tabs on the current weather conditions in our community.

Today, Arlington launched its WeatherBug to provide residents, businesses, visitors and community partners with a quick and reliable source of local weather information.

Through this partnership, Arlington is tapping into the world 's largest weather and climate sensor network. This means observations and forecasts for Arlington residents, real-time data and the most advanced warnings to severe weather right on your desktop and TV screen.

Arlington 's system includes two weather cameras, one on the south side of City Hall and another on the north side. From these vantage points, we can get real time images of storms from any direction as they blow into Arlington. There is also a weather station on City Hall to provide regular updates on the temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill and rainfall totals. The weather station also tracks rainfall amounts for the month.

"With this new WeatherBug technology, we are further providing our residents, businesses and visitors with real time information about our community, " said Jay Warren, Marketing Communications Manager for the City of Arlington. "So often the weather forecasts give a regional view, but as we know, Texas weather can change in an instant and can be different one city to the next. This technology shows exactly what 's happening in Arlington and it tracks it immediately. "

You can access the City 's WeatherBug in multiple ways. First, it will be regularly displayed on MyArlingtonTV, the City 's cable channel on Time Warner (Channel 15.1, 16) and AT&T Uverse (Channel 99). You can also access Arlington 's WeatherBug by going to and clicking on the WeatherBug icon on the homepage. There 's also have a weather center featured on our news page with current weather information. Check out for that.

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