Arlington Ranks No. 1 on ‘Best Cities to Raise a Family’ List
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Posted on February 27, 2018, February 27, 2018

Arlington Ranks No. 1 on ‘Best Cities to Raise a Family’ List

Here's something you probably already knew: Arlington offers high-quality amenities, schools and neighborhoods, job opportunities and city services that make The American Dream City a great place to raise a family.

It looks like agrees, having just ranked Arlington No. 1 on its Top 10 "Best Cities to Raise a Family"in the nation list for 2018. looked at data on eight metrics, including housing and child care costs, school quality, unemployment rate and graduation rate, to decide its rankings.

Arlington took the top spot on the back of some impressive scores in education, the website said. More than 91 percent of students graduate high school, the second-highest rate in the study. The schools in the area also do a good job preparing students for more than just graduation. The average proficiency rate in math and reading in Arlington is 75 percent.

Another reason to raise a family in Arlington is the relatively low cost of living. According to data, the average home costs only 22.5 percent of the average household's income. That figure is well below the affordability line.

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