Tournaments Bring Economic Advantages to The American Dream City
By Reginald Lewis - Office of Communication
Posted on July 31, 2015, July 31, 2015


Arlington Tennis Center is taking the tennis world by storm! By summer's end the 16-court facility will have hosted four major tournaments, including one that was hand selected to be played in Arlington. These tournaments With these tournaments come great economic advantages for the city.

The first major tournament of the 2015 summer season was the US Open Sectional Qualifiers in mid-June. This tournament allowed for participants ages 14 years of age and older to compete against one another for the right to play at the US Open Qualifying Tournament. Besides native Texans, players traveled from as close as Louisiana and Oklahoma to as far away as California and Illinois to compete. Last week wrapped up the USTA 2015 Zone Team Championship. Boys and girls age 14 competed in teams against other players from all over the nation, including the Caribbean.

Later this summer, the Arlington Tennis Center will be hosting the USTA National Championship Wildcard Tournament. This is very exciting, because it a brand new tournament and there are none others like it being held across the United States. The USTA specifically called and asked Arlington to host this tournament, a huge honor! Up to 128 players will compete over 4 days for the wildcard slot for the championship tournament. The fourth and final major tournament of the summer season will be the Texas Sectional Super Championship Major Zone in August. Approximately 500 players ages 16 to 18 will battle it out on the court.

Sheryl Osborn, Facility Director of Arlington Tennis Center said "We (Arlington Tennis Center) are very honored to be one of the primary 'go to' organizations for National and Texas Section tournaments. We run numerous large, major events each year that often fly 'under the radar' because they sail through so smoothly due to solid advance organization. And those events bring thousands of guests to Arlington annually, which puts money in our local economy, including restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues. We (ATC) will continue to work to represent our facility, the Parks and Recreation Department and the City of Arlington within our state, as well as on the national tennis stage.”

These tournaments are great for the Arlington economy. Many of these players must stay in hotels, rent cars, and eat in our restaurants. Arlington Tennis Center is known for its large scale events and high profile tournaments. Arlington is a favorite place for tournaments to be held because there is so much to offer. Players who come here get a top of line facility and a city that provides them countless opportunities to enjoy their stay.

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