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[Unified Development Code § 9.5 & Construction Chapter § 4.16]
This board will familiarize itself with buildings, structures, sites, districts, areas, places and lands within the city which may be eligible for state and national historic landmark status. This board formulates plans and programs for public and private action for encouraging, promoting, protecting and preserving historical landmarks within the City of Arlington. This board has the authority to approve or deny requests for certificates of appropriateness and certificates of demolition in the Landmark Preservation Overlay zoning district.

  • Members: Nine – two members shall represent any combination of the following fields or professions: (1) architecture; (2) banking; (3) law, (4) real estate; and (5) urban planning. Three members shall have historic preservation experience in restoring older homes/buildings, writing historic marker applications or participating as members of an Arlington historical or preservation group. Four members shall be citizens at large.
  • Terms: Three consecutive two-year terms, subject to term limitation policy.
  • Meetings: Second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.