Arlington One of the Most Social Media Friendly Police Departments in America
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 27, 2013, April 27, 2013

To find out which police departments are best prepared to get the word out quickly via social media when the need arises, the staff at, evaluated the social media presence of all the police departments in the 100 largest cities in the US by population. Here are the top 50, ranked from best to good. There were 100 points possible: 30 for Facebook, 30 for Twitter, 20 for YouTube, and 20 for other. The "other" category consists of special platforms set up for use by police and other public service organizations. The most popular of these platforms is, which is used by 53% of the police departments we considered.

Here are the top 50 social media friendly police departments in America's 100 largest cities:

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