Pets of the Week - Meet Ice & Walt
By Animal Services
Posted on January 16, 2024, January 16, 2024

Pets of the Week

Dog of the Week – Meet Ice

This eight-year, one month old male Labrador Retriever mix is tan and white in color. It's not too late to fulfill that resolution of adding a furry companion to your household! This sweet senior is eager to break out of the shelter life and start reaping the benefits of living his golden years being spoiled and loved by a family. He was a little unsure about shelter life when he was first brought in as a stray, but he is quick to befriend anyone who will show him a little patience and love. Ice is really happy when getting to go out and soak up some rays (sunshine) in the play yard. And while he (Ice) won't melt in the sun he is sure to melt your heart. If you are looking for a well-mannered canine who enjoys treats and pets, then Ice may be the one for you. Due to his age and length of time spent in the shelter, Ice has received VIP status and can be adopted for a discounted adoption fee. Meet Ice at Dog Adoptions (DA) 18, his ID number is A54956590.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Walt

This two-year-old male Pit Bull Terrier mix is tan and white in color and weighs 58 pounds. So, when you hear the name "Walt", do you think of sports (Walt Garrison), poetry (Walt Whitman) or the iconic Walt Disney? How about thinking about this dog in the shelter who is a big hunk of fur ready for fun? He has a fun personality and is excited for pretty much anything and everything that comes his way; however, TOYS are his absolute favorite diversion. Offer him a toy or a treat and he will choose the toy! When Walt gets to go to the play yard, he is really ready to get out and expend his cooped-up energy. He is looking for a new pet guardian who will adopt him and teach him more manners on the pathway to being the best dog. While Walt has done well around other dogs in the shelter, if you already have another dog in your life and would like to adopt Walt, we recommend bringing your dog to do a meet and greet with him as well. As a VIP designated dog, Walt has a reduced adoption fee. Walt is in Dog Holding (DH) 115, his ID number is A55011000.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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