Turn Idle Hours into Your New Water Game Plan
By Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on August 11, 2020, August 11, 2020

The past few months have forced many of us to spend more time at home than usual. Though it’s great to be surrounded by family, the isolation can also drive people a bit stir-crazy after a while. You may have even spent some time staring at the lawn. Well, Arlington Water Utilities is here to help you make that time at home productive and to share how you can conserve water so we can all get through the dog days of summer ahead.

Sign up for “Know Your H2O”!

If you haven’t done so already, what are you waiting for? This website, which has been active for our customers since 2018, can give you instant insights into your daily water usage, and you can sign up for high bill and high usage alerts. You can monitor your whole family’s water usage patterns and make adjustments accordingly. You won’t just save money, you will be an asset to the whole community. Sign up here. 

Follow Watering Guidelines

Of course, there is no “water police” coming to your yard daily to check on things. However, there are some details you can perfect now that will make a big difference in the long run. We outline some of these specifics, such as learning to correctly set and use your irrigation controller, in our watering tips section. Not sure when to water? Sign up free weekly watering advice.

Get a Sprinkler Evaluation

 You installed your sprinklers once, so that’s it, right? Not quite. Like any machinery, these things can become faulty and may require maintenance before you get into the full swing of things this summer. We offer a service to a limited number of customers where we come and evaluate your sprinkler system, so don’t sleep on it this season! Licensed irrigators will visit your home while observing social distancing guidelines. This evaluation and any necessary changes can save you a lot of water over the whole season. Sign up at SaveArlingtonWater.com.

 Learning how to be a home front water conservation master is a productive way to use extra domestic time, and our community will be thankful when we’re on the verge of another drought. We aim to bring you resources to make this transition easy and to be your helpful neighbor in these trying times. As always, explore www.SaveArlingtonWater.com for more guidance on these tips and more!

Sprinkler in yard

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