Landmark Mineral Well Fountain With Commemorative Clock Tower Coming to Downtown Arlington
By Arlington Tomorrow Foundation
Posted on December 02, 2021, December 02, 2021

Water Fountain Tower rendering

The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation recently awarded a gift of $1,000,000 to Arlington’s Parks and Recreation department for the creation of a new cultural landmark ‒ a Mineral Well Tower Fountain designed by James “Jim” Richards, a national award-winning landscape architect and designer. The art installation will include a clock tower featuring four lion sculptures by local artist Janice Hart Melito.

This landmark project will be dedicated to Arlington’s historic Mineral Well that was torn down in 1951 due to the City's growth and increasing traffic, and was permanently capped under the intersection's pavement at Main and Center streets. Established in the 1890’s, the original mineral well was a major Arlington landmark. Mineral water flowed through lions’ head sculptures mounted on four-sides of the fountain. The central well was the focal point for rallies, parades, cotton sales and even for the sale of mineral water.

Although it will not contain mineral water, recreating this historic well as a contemporary 40 foot tall urban fountain clock tower, with welcoming walkability and relaxing seating space, will serve as a centerpiece of community pride in the plaza between the George W. Hawkes Downtown Library and City Hall. The new well, due to be completed in 2022, will be central to Arlington’s redevelopment and collective history, benefiting both Arlington residents and our tourism efforts.

“All of us at the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation are delighted to support this project as a way to memorialize our past and, at the same time, adding a beautiful new structure to our downtown landscape,” said Carolyn Mentesana, Executive Director of the Tomorrow Foundation.

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