Immersive AT&T Stadium Technology Takes Fan Experiences to Another Level
By Office of Communication
Posted on September 29, 2022, September 29, 2022


Your next visit to AT&T Stadium in Arlington will not be the same as several things have changed to improve the fan experience. Ordering food and drinks got easier as you can skip the line and get your food and beverages delivered right to your seat.

 "It's great because we want them to be able to not miss a beat of the action but also to have the convenience of doing everything from your phone and your seat," said Charlotte Jones, the Cowboys' executive vice president and chief brand officer.

 The Dallas Cowboys is the first NFL team to installed QR codes in very seat in the bowl. For the first home game of the season, Cowboys officials recorded a total of 3,5000 QR code scans to order food or merchandise. The In Seat Delivery Time was reported to be between 15-17 minutes.

 "Our No. 1 priority is fan entertainment and fan engagement. That is what drives everything that we do," said Jones during a recent behind-the-scenes tour of AT&T Stadium.

 Through the Cowboys partnership with AT&T, fans can take a selfie with their favorite Dallas Cowboys players and share it in social media. The Pose with the Pros activation was created in 2019 in an effort to continue enhancing the fan experience at AT&T Stadium. After 83,324 photos taken and counting and more that 17,000 shares on social media, Pose With The Pros is one of the favorite fans digital experience at the venue

 In order to enjoy all these immerging technology at the AT&T Stadium you have to download the Dallas Cowboys App first. The App is also useful before, during and after your visit. You can book your tickets, you can find parking information and also news about the team.

 "For us, it's about how we can make that transition as easy as possible to get fans off of their couch and into the building and then back home, safely, quickly and with an experience that they can't replicate at home," Jones said. "We have to deliver above and beyond."

 The Cowboys will play their third home game at noon Sunday, Oct. 2 against the Washington. Make sure to explore these enhancements to the stadium for the fan experience during your next visit.

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