The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation Awards 4 New Grants Supporting the Arts, Education and Historic Preservation
By Arlington Tomorrow Foundation
Posted on August 22, 2022, August 22, 2022

Arlington Tomorrow Foundation Awards 4 New Grants

The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation Board of Directors approved four grants totaling $323,440 at its August board meeting.

The charitable endowment was created to ensure financial resources which are acquired from the City's natural gas drilling activities today benefit Arlington and its citizens for generations to come. The foundation’s mission is to contribute to a thriving Arlington by supporting the causes which benefit Arlington’s citizens and enhance the natural surroundings and lifestyle of the city. Since its creation, the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation has awarded almost 500 grants totaling nearly $42 million to Arlington nonprofit organizations, City of Arlington departments and neighborhood groups for projects that help the public. The Foundation most recently approved the following grants:

Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds: $90,000

Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Corporation was formed for the exclusive purpose of restoring, protecting, maintaining, educating the public, and sharing the historical cemeteries located in the 600 block of West Arkansas Lane, between Center Street and Matlock Road. The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation’s grant will fund the final phase of the Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds project which involves making the site safe and appealing for visitors. Additions to the project include educational programming and partnerships with Arlington ISD, Mansfield ISD and University of Texas at Arlington.

Arlington ISD Foundation 2023 Back to School Kick Off: $20,000

The AISD Back to School Kickoff provides backpacks filled with supplies to over 10,000 AISD students from low-income households each year, from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation's grant will support the 2023 AISD Back to School Kickoff, helping AISD deliver needed supplies and important health services.

Arlington Museum of Art’s A Knight's Tale Exhibit and Website Upgrades: $190,940

The Arlington Museum of Art is dedicated to championing creativity and providing access to art for the educational enrichment and cultural development of our community. Recently, the Foundation awarded a $149,500 grant to the museum for its current Legends of Disney exhibit. This new grant for the museum’s A Knight’s Tale exhibit will include armed horses, full sets of armor, and a transformed space to feel like the visitor is in a castle. Featuring over 120 Renaissance artifacts, armor, and paintings from Europe. A Knight’s Tale exhibition will open October 21, 2022 and run through February 12, 2023.

Also, grant funds will help underwrite enhancements to the Museum’s website to provide engaging and dynamic and multisensory visitor experiences, improve access to donation pages, ticket purchasing, online shopping, and community-oriented programming.

River Legacy Foundation’s Here Be Dragons – From Legends to Lizards Exhibit: $22,500

The River Legacy Foundation is committed to making the River Legacy Nature Center the Go-To experience for North Texas environmental education. The Foundation’s grant for the center’s next visiting exhibit, “Here Be Dragons – From Legends to Lizards”, runs December 3, 2022, to March 25, 2023. This larger than life, immersive exhibit will showcase lizards, reptiles, serpents, dinosaurs, and even mythical dragons. The spirit of the exhibit will delight, engage, inspire, and educate children and their families by making connections between living breathing animals and those of fanciful folklore.

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