Pets of the Week – Meet Beau & Prince Harry
By Office of Communication
Posted on May 21, 2018, May 21, 2018

Dog of the Week - Meet Beau

This thirteen month old male American Pit Bull Terrier Mix is black and white in color and weighs 45 pounds. An energetic dog in the form of Beau is waiting here at the shelter for a new pet guardian to adopt him. Partial to stuffed toys, Beau will play with them and sometimes being them back to you. He would probably benefit from some structured training. An active family that can engage Beau in exercise opportunities would be on his wish list. If you're looking for an active furry companion then give due regard to Beau. Meet Beau in Dog Adoptions (DA) 16, his ID number is 38352536.

Cat of the Week - Meet Prince Harry

This two year old male Domestic Shorthair is a red and white Tabby. What an affable cat-much like his namesake! Our Prince Harry loves to be petted. He is comfortable being by your side and will even stand up to come face to face with you as if to say he appreciates your attention. While he does engage in playing, when he's ready to be petted again he just "plops" over on the floor. He is very adept at showing his satisfaction by kneading and purring. A visit to the shelter could lead you to finding your own "furry" tale prince in the form of Prince Harry. Meet Prince Harry in Cat Condo (CC) 2, his ID number is 38520960.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Beau & Prince Harry

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