2016 Volunteer of the Year: J. Robert “Bob” Hester, Jr.
By Wolfgang Ehrgott
Posted on June 29, 2016, June 29, 2016

2016 Volunteer of the Year

J. Robert" Bob" Hester, Jr. was named Arlington" s 2016 Volunteer of the Year at the June 28 City Council meeting.

The City of Arlington is always extremely appreciative of the many volunteers who help keep the American Dream City moving forward.

This year, the City recognized one particular volunteer, J. Robert" Bob" Hester, Jr., for his long-standing efforts to do just that.

On Tuesday night, the Arlington City Council presented Hester with a Volunteer of the Year award.

Hester served on the Special Transportation Advisory Board since 2012 and as chair on that board the past three years. He was also instrumental in securing federal funding for the continuation of Arlington" s Handitran program, which provides affordable transportation service to the city" s disabled and senior citizens.

A retired attorney, Hester served in the Tarrant County District Attorney" s Office for 22 years.

City leaders say Hester deserves recognition for his years of service and passionate support for making quality transportation services available to the city" s disabled and senior citizen populations.

He has served as a long-time member, board member, and secretary of the Arlington Mayor" s Committee On People With Disabilities and is extremely active as an advocate for cerebral palsy awareness and the rights of the disabled.

2016 Volunteer of the Year

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