On the Clock: Fleet Maintenance Working to Keep the City’s Vehicles Running
By Ryan Hunt
Posted on December 21, 2017, December 21, 2017

On the Clock is a show that gives residents an inside look at the hard work city employees do every day to make Arlington a better community to live, learn, work and play.

This month"s episode, hosted by City Manager Trey Yelverton, gives residents a behind-the-scenes look at how employees at the City"s two Fleet maintenance shops are working to keep the City"s vehicles running, including Handitran, fire trucks and police cars.

In addition to services like oil changes, filter changes and fluid checks, the City"s Fleet maintenance shops also conduct thorough and comprehensive inspections of each vehicle.

"We"re a one-stop shop and that"s our motto," said Ricky Williams, Fleet Manager for the City of Arlington. "We want to make sure we can do everything in a shop that a dealer does."

The City"s outsourced provider for management, maintenance, and repair for Arlington"s entire fleet of more than 850 vehicles is First Vehicle Services, a division of First Transit. They have provided the City with 26 technicians and support personnel.

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