September Volunteer of the Month: Larry Howser
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on September 04, 2018, September 04, 2018

Larry Howser

Larry Howser is the City of Arlington’s Volunteer of the Month for September 2018.

Larry Howser is our September 2018 Volunteer of the Month for the City of Arlington!

With more than 350 volunteer hours logged, Howser’s contribution to the Arlington Public Library cannot be overstated. During his time as a volunteer, he has served as a Book Wrangler, a Heritage Sleuth, and a Book Doctor. Recently, Howser worked with Mark Dellenbaugh, the Genealogy Librarian, to help move Genealogy material from the Northeast Branch to the new Downtown Library.

Howser first began volunteering for the Arlington Public Library in 1996. He got involved in the Genealogy area after he began researching his own family history, sparking his interest in the subject. He then began to shelve, book wrangle, and book doctor for the Central Library. His favorite part of volunteering, Howser said, is that he gets to do something different every day and continues to learn.

Originally from Cook County, Howser moved to Arlington for his job, where he worked as retail dealer support for ACE Hardware Center. Before that, Howser served in the Marines. He has a wife, two sons, and four grandchildren. In his free time, Howser enjoys gardening vegetables and reading nonfiction biographies! A recent book he read is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Thank you for your service, Larry! We appreciate your support!

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