UNT Health Science Center, AISD to Help Students Achieve Their Dreams
By Arlington Independent School District
Posted on February 05, 2016, February 05, 2016

UNT Health Science Center, AISD to Help Students Achieve Their Dreams

The Arlington ISD and the University of North Texas Health Science Center announce an exciting partnership that will give students interested in health-related occupations the chance to achieve their dreams by providing an accelerated, real-life learning experience beyond the classroom.

AISD students will have increased health-related exposure and educational enrichment experiences within the UNTHSC educational environment, as 75 select students who are enrolled in the Concepts of Health Care CTE course will participate in the program. The Concepts of Health Care CTE class includes sophomores, juniors and seniors.

"We are excited to partner with the UNT Health Science Center to provide these experiences for our students," AISD Superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos said. "With five schools at the UNT Health Science Center that specialize in patient-centered education, the opportunities for our students are tremendous."

The program has two phases, and it began with a UNTHSC Experience Day at the Fort Worth campus in the fall. At Experience Day, students were exposed to a variety of lab experiences, including anatomy, immunology, flow cytometry, integrative and simulation. They also received information about admission requirements to UNTHSC. In Phase Two during the spring, students will participate in a mentoring program that includes a lecture series and presentations from UNTHSC graduate students that are designed to foster continued interest in the health-science field.

"We hope this partnership helps to grow the interest these students already have for health-related occupations, starting their path toward becoming UNT Health Science Center students and graduates themselves," UNTHSC President Dr. Michael Williams said. "Giving these students a head start can only help with the physician-shortage problem our country is facing."

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