Violation: Damaged Chain Link Fence

Violation: Leaning Fence

Violation: Damaged Fence Support

Property owners must maintain their fences in a structurally sound condition. A fence to a multi-family community that has more than 20% damage to any eight (8) foot section is a violation, as well as a fence that is leaning more than 15 degrees at any one point.

Code Compliance requires owners to repair, or replace fences identified in violation. (Removal is not an option where a pool barrier fence is involved, or when zoning regulations specifically require a fence.) A fence is considered dilapidated if 10% of its pickets or structural members are damaged, missing or rotted; or if any eight (8) foot section is more than 15% off vertical alignment.

New fences and replacement fences that replace 50% or more of one side of a fence require permits from Planning & Development Services. The posts and rails of a new fence must not be exposed to an adjacent street, in other words, the smooth side of a fence must face an adjacent public street. Also, as of 2009 when new residential design standards were adopted, both new and replacement wooden fences must have metal posts.

Visit Permitting & Inspections, a division of Planning & Development Services for more information.
Click here for Wood Fence General Construction Standards and Inspection Requirements.

Read the Ordinance

Swimming Pool Barrier Fence Requirements

Swimming pool barriers/enclosures are designed to keep small children away from a pool. Code Compliance plays an active role in protecting children by administering codes pertaining to pool enclosures. An unprotected pool is potentially as life-threatening as an unsecured firearm in the house.

Damaged or missing swimming pool fences are considered a public safety risk and are a serious matter that could result in the automatic issuance of a citation. Please consult the Ordinance link below, or contact the Action Center for more information.

Read the Ordinance

Report a Concern

Report a code violation online or by calling the Action Center at 817-459-6777. In case of emergency call 9-1-1.

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