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Code Compliance inspects apartment complexes and extended stay properties in Arlington in an effort to maximize the safety of the occupants. Code Compliance Officers work to ensure that fire hazards, structural defects and other violations are eliminated. The minimum property maintenance standards and codes are intended to help build and maintain Arlington as a thriving community.

Map of Arlington Apartment Properties

The map below shows locations of Arlington apartment communities and the name and contact information of the assigned Code Compliance officer. The annual inspection score and property rating is also provided for each apartment community.

Common Code Concerns

Code Compliance assists residents of apartment communities with unresolved issues such as lack of hot water, heat, air conditioning, or non-functioning appliances. The first step is to report any problem(s) in writing to apartment management to provide them an opportunity to correct the problem. If the issue is not resolved in a timely manner, contact Code Compliance. Report your concern to the Action Center at 817-459-6777, or online. Refer to the interactive map above to obtain the name and contact information of the assigned Code Compliance officer.

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