General Information About The Corporation

The Arlington Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) was incorporated in 1991, organized by the City of Arlington and operates pursuant to Chapter 394, Local Government Code, as amended. The purpose of the AHFC is to provide a means to finance the cost of residential ownership and development that will provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing at affordable prices for residents in the City of Arlington, Texas.

Eligible activities include, but are not limited to:

Issuance of single family mortgage revenue bonds for the purpose of providing low and moderate income home buyers with mortgage money and/or down payment and closing costs assistance money.

Direct loans to home buyers to provide down payment and closing costs assistance.

Mortgage credit certificate programs to provide a subsidy to low and moderate income first time home buyers.

The issuance of multifamily housing finance revenue bonds for both "for profit" and "not-for-profit" entities to provide for low and moderate income multifamily housing to be built or acquired and rehabilitated within the sponsoring political subdivision.

The application for and receipt of grants from the State and other sources for down payment and closing costs assistance money for first time home buyers.

The provision of zero interest loans to senior citizens for purposes of rehabilitating their existing homesteads.

Assistance to builders to purchase and rehabilitate substandard single family housing.

The AHFC intends to implement a Mortgage Credit Certificate Program to assist eligible low and moderate income homebuyers' purchase a residence.

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Independent Registered Municipal Advisor

The AHFC is represented by Hilltop Securities Inc to provide advice on recommendations and other advise from financial services firms concerning the issuance of municipal securities, the investment of bond proceeds and escrow investments and other municipal financial products. 

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