The North Central Historic Neighborhoods (NCHN) Plan was adopted unanimously by the Arlington City Council on October 24, 2023, as part of the city’s Comprehensive Plan, 99 Square Miles.


The NCHN plan area is located north of downtown Central Arlington and includes the Old Town National Register Historic District and The Hill Historic District.

The area is comprised primarily of single-family residences, a large faith-based community, and a robust business presence along the neighborhood perimeter.

The neighborhood boundaries are Sanford Street to the north, Division Street to the south, Collins Street to the east, and Cooper Street to the west. Center Street and Mesquite Street run north and south through the center of the neighborhood plan area, which covers approximately 22.8 acres. 

Plan Purpose

The NCHN joined together to revise the original neighborhood plan, the Historic North Central Action Plan Matrix, created in 2001. The original plan, although completed, was not codified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The revised NCHN Plan represents the collective aspirations of its diverse residential population, and outlines goals and objectives that seek to:

  • Formalize their neighborhood structure and build community.
  • Preserve distinct neighborhood treasures.
  • Unite in response to urban development; and, 
  • Protect the quality of life for future generations.

The NCHN Plan also addresses resident and neighborhood stakeholder desires to:

  • Understand neighborhood conditions after 22 years.
  • Optimize neighborhood grant funding for needed improvements; and,
  • Explore the prospects of future conservation district overlays.