Pets of the Week - Meet Barkley & Frills
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on August 15, 2022, August 15, 2022

Dogs of the week

Dog of the Week – Meet Barkley

This four-year-old male German Shepherd mix is black, brown and tan in color and weighs 64 pounds. Barkley has been in the shelter over 35 days so he's really ready to find his new furrever home. He has several things going for him--he's already neutered, he's handsome and he's polite. He walks well on a leash as well. Showing off his beautiful smile (as seen in the photo) could be considered "Instagram" worthy. Barkley is a big pooch, but since he's fully grown, what you see is what you get. Being heartworm positive, a new pet guardian will need to follow up with heartworm treatment to get him fit as a fiddle. Be prepared--he loves to sit in laps when able to (he thinks he's a lap dog). Because Barkley is a VIP pet, you can take advantage of a reduced pet adoption fee. Meet Barkley at Dog Adoptions (DA) 16, his ID number is A50612137.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Frills

This two-year-old male Retriever mix is black and red (brindle) in color and weighs 50 pounds. A "no frills" type of dog, Frills is another longer time resident at the shelter clocking in at over 35 days. He's ready at a moment's notice for any adventure you set out on. While he doesn't mind being on leash, he really loves free roaming in the play yard so he can go here and there and here again sniffing out every nook and cranny. He loves life and people and easily makes friends. You're certain to be mesmerized by that striking intense "stare" of his. Frills would probably do best with a family willing to engage him in physical activities like playing ball. Due to his length of time in the shelter Frills is considered a VIP pet and is being offered at a reduced adoption fee. Meet Frills in Dog Adoptions (DA) 6, his ID number is A50619545.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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