Bobcats are common throughout the Arlington area and seen especially near golf courses, creeks, green belts and parks. Bobcats weigh between 15 and 30 pounds and are considered to be a small to medium sized carnivore. They eat a variety of food including rats, mice, squirrels, small fawns, birds, and rabbits. It is rare, but possible for them to take free roaming cats or small dogs, if left unattended.

According to Arizona Game and Fish bobcats rarely attack people. If a bobcat does attack a person it will generally have symptoms of rabies. Bobcats that appear to be ill should be reported to Arlington Animal Services when seen, and do not approach them. 

Take Precautions to Discourage Bobcat Visits and Help Protect Your Pets By:

  • Trimming back excess vegetation that might otherwise provide cover
  • Avoid feeding birds or other wildlife, which might attract bobcats
  • Do not feed the bobcats
  • Do not leave pet food or water outdoors
  • Avoid possible shelter locations for the bobcats which include attics, space underneath decks, and thick brush
  • Vaccinate your pets
  • Keep pets indoors or in secure, protective cages or pens
  • Consider a deterrent that generates electronic sounds that mimic the calls of bobcats’ enemies, for instance, the hiss of a cougar

Coyote and Bobcat Mitigation Plan for Encounters

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