4/12/1983 - 4/4/1987

Harold PattersonHarold E. Patterson was first elected to the Arlington City Council in 1966. He became Mayor Pro Tem in 1977. In 1983, he was elected Mayor of Arlington. He served four years as Mayor, during a time of explosive population growth in the city.

Harold E. Patterson was born March 27, 1929 in Arlington, Texas and attended Arlington schools. In 1949, he married Frances Louise English, and together they had two children, Michael and Teresa. Harold Patterson served two years in the United States Marines before returning to Arlington to be with his family.

As a member of First Baptist Church, he always put his faith “in the Man upstairs,” who led him in his desire to help people. A banker by profession, for 50 years his love of community involved him in nearly two decades of elective public service.

His principal political theme was that of unity, and his term enjoyed a positive relationship between voters and elected officials. During his term, fluoridation of the city's water supply was implemented, greatly improving dental health in the city, and bringing about a sharp decline in tooth decay.

But, Harold E. Patterson is credited most with saving taxpayer's money. Under his direction and leadership as Mayor, the city earned its very first AA Bond rating. Bonds are sold at a much cheaper rate, generating decades of savings for Arlington taxpayers. During his tenure, the municipal water system began operating with a substantial profit. Funds spent on building new streets and thoroughfares doubled during his two terms in office.

Actively involved in all aspects of community, Harold Patterson has been recognized as Outstanding Young Man of Arlington and Citizen of the Year. He has been honored for his dedicated service to the Board of Directors for Arlington Community Hospital. He served as President of the Arlington Boys Club, Lions Club, Arlington Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Education Advisory Board of the Arlington Independent School District and Parks and Recreation Board. The Harold Patterson Sport Center Complex in South Arlington is named in his honor.

Bored with retirement, Patterson started his own property tax consulting business, which led to an interest in the Tarrant Appraisal District. Later, he campaigned and won a position on the Tarrant Appraisal Board. He never lost a political election.

Harold Patterson continued a legacy of active involvement in a variety of business and civic activities until his death on March 20, 2009.