Dallas Horseshoe Project to Affect Eastbound I-30 Traffic from Arlington
By Susan Schrock
Posted on March 15, 2017, March 15, 2017

Drivers who take east Interstate 30 toward downtown Dallas should be aware of some upcoming traffic lane shifts this weekend that could affect their commute.

As part of the Dallas Horseshoe Project, new roadway sections along Interstate 30 will open in the Dallas Mixmaster. The new direct connector from eastbound I-30 to southbound I-35E will also open.

From Friday, March 17 to Sunday, March 19, eastbound I-30 traffic coming from Arlington will shift to the two left lanes between Beckley Avenue and Riverfront Boulevard. The eastbound I-30 exit to northbound I-35E will now be on the right side for drivers.

The traffic shift will also lead to the opening of the new eastbound I-30 director connector to southbound I-35E, which may be accessed from the middle lane just after Beckley Avenue. The new connection will be the first out of two new direct connectors to open as part of the project.

Project to Affect Eastbound

Signs will be placed along the roadway to advise drivers of new traffic movements and detours. A detailed video highlighting the upcoming changes is available by following this link to the Dallas Horseshoe Project's YouTube page.

The public can stay up to date about traffic closures or changes by signing up for Text Alerts, sending the message "dallashorseshoe" to 31996 or by calling (214-349-6493).

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