Make a Difference’ Website Highlights Transformative Development Projects
By Susan Schrock
Posted on August 12, 2016, August 12, 2016

ake a Difference' Website Highlights Transformative Development Projects

The Community Development and Planning Department's 'Make a Difference' website features articles that highlight transformative redevelopment and renovation projects within our city. These projects include facelifts to building facades, new sign packages, updated landscaping, total site redevelopment, and many other private reinvestment projects.

Articles on the site include before and after photos and details about how recent projects, from the expanded Chick Fil A restaurant on North Collins Street to the renovated Pioneer Square shopping center in East Arlington, make The American Dream City a better place to live, learn, work and play. 'We want to show our community that the City values their reinvestment into their properties, and how their buildings make a difference to the character of that block and the area in general. It will inspire others businesses to enhance their properties as well,' said Gincy Thoppil, Community Development and Planning's Assistant Director of Land Development. Make a Difference

1505 North Collins Street

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