Enhance Regional Mobility Newsletter: Focus 287 Strategic Plan Sets Vision for Future Growth
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 23, 2016, August 23, 2016

Focus 287 Strategic Plan Sets Vision for Future Growth

It's time to keep your eyes on the road and focus in on this edition of the Enhance Regional Mobilitynewsletter where the closing of Johnson Creek Bridge on Abram Street, the adoption of the FOCUS 287 Corridor Strategy and the completion of the Tri-Schools Road Project are discussed.

Though Johnson Creek Bridge is closed until January, drivers should know they can still use Abram Street on either side of the bridge to access businesses in the area.

The City Council also recently adopted FOCUS 287, a new US 287 Corridor Strategic Plan that defines a long-term vision for the southwest Arlington area. That vision includes future growth and reinvestment in existing neighborhoods and businesses. The plan is to create a one-of-a-kind destination that incorporates natural spaces, rural character and lower density neighborhoods valued by citizens living in that area, which also includes the City's Tierra Verde Golf Club.

Back in April, the City Council and Mansfield ISD celebrated the early completion of the $18 million Tri-Schools Road Project in southwest Arlington. The project included much-needed sidewalks for students who attend the three MISD schools in the area and also made roads much safer for drivers.

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