Utility line locates are required before any excavation deeper than 18 inches can take place in the City of Arlington, TX. Water Utility line locates are not part of the One Call Center "811 - Call before you dig' process. Each request for a water or sewer line locate must be made through the Water Utilities Department.

Routine Line Locates

You can request a routine line locates online by clicking here. Arlington Water Utilities will then contact you to schedule a meeting time with a Utilities Service Specialist if needed. Water and Sewer Line Locates will be completed within two (2) business days.

Emergency Line Locates

Emergency locates are defined as a situation that endangers life, health, or property; or a situation in which the public need for uninterrupted service and immediate re-establishment of service if services are interrupted compels immediate action. If emergency locates are needed call the Water Utilities Emergency line at 817-459-5900. If a request is falsely called in as an emergency, the requesting company will be liable for payment of the emergency line locate service call.