2020 Bill McCart Volunteer of the Year - Debbie Best

2018 Bill McCart Volunteer’s of the Year
2020 Bill McCart Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient - Debbie Best

Arlington Animal Services is excited to announce the recipient of the Bill McCart Volunteer of the Year Award for 2020 - Debbie Best!

Debbie has many fascinating talents. One example is when she shares her expertise with volunteers and staff teaching enjoyable puppy and cat yoga classes. Debbie was also a falconer for over 10 years, and she has a pet rabbit.

Debbie is passionate about working with fearful homeless animals, and is skillful and exceptionally gifted in the area of dog socialization training. Her nurturing essence provides a calming effect on dogs in the shelter environment, helping them reveal their true personalities for successful adoption into forever homes.

Since August 2017, Debbie has volunteered more than 417 hours, serving with enthusiasm and a passion for helping the shelter animals, earning her this year's award. 

As this year's award recipient, Debbie shared that she is honored to be chosen, and "grateful for every day she gets to come volunteer."

Much Appreciation and Congratulations Debbie!

Family of Exemplary Volunteer Bill McCart Shares Fond Memories of His 22 Year Commitment to the Community

Family members of the late Bill McCart
From left to right: Bill McCart’s grandson Colin Mize, daughter June Nichols, granddaughter Shannon Boyd, daughter Vicki Mize, and son-in-law David Mize

Family members of the late Bill McCart gathered together at Arlington Animal Services (AAS) to see the new plaque honoring their loved one for his 22 years of dedicated service to the City of Arlington, its residents, and the homeless animals of our community.

Vicki Mize, one of McCart’s daughters, spoke of her father’s dedication to volunteering at the animal shelter and his intense desire for people to be responsible pet owners.

Shelter staff reminisced about McCart - affectionately referring to him as “Mr. Bill” as having a quick, dry sense of humor never failing to make people laugh. Former shelter supervisor, Art Tawater shared fond memories of this super extraordinaire volunteer and friend stating that “everyone looked forward to having him at the shelter and he is greatly missed.” Former Administrative Coordinator for Kennels Lynn Trotter shared that Mr. Bill “had a great sense of humor, was helpful with people that came to the shelter, and encouraged them to adopt.” Trotter said everyone always looked forward to Mr. Bill coming in to volunteer.

The family was led on a tour of AAS by Chris Huff, shelter manager, who also remembers Mr. Bill fondly. It was evident that the family members share their passed loved one’s appreciation of animals.

If interested in volunteering please contact Volunteer Administrator Brittany Clark at [email protected] or give Brittany a call at 817-459-6183 for more information.