Winners of 2023 Value of Water Mini Poster Contest Announced
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on October 27, 2023, October 27, 2023

Value of Water Mini Poster Contest Winner from 2023

More than 100 Arlington students entered the Arlington Water Utilities 2023 Value of Water Mini Poster Contest during September and October. A team of judges chose one winner in grades pre-k through fourth grade and the department announced the results via Facebook on Thursday, Oct. 19.

The winning entries illustrated water’s many uses, including for fire protection and cooking. They also showed how to protect water resources by cleaning up trash from waterways.

The annual contest is made possible through the collaboration of Arlington Water Utilities, Arlington Public Library, River Legacy Nature Center, and Tarrant Regional Water District. The competition is timed to draw attention to the national Imagine a Day Without Water campaign, which challenges the public to ponder the valuable role water plays.

In addition to their artwork, students were asked to describe their drawings and why water is important to them. This year winning entries came from the following students.

Pre-K – Sofia - River Legacy Nature Center education program

“I take care of it because the fish could die if they eat trash, the water is very important because we have to drink it and we need to take good care of it because we could be thirsty.

Kindergarten – Celeste – Wimbish World Language Academy (AISD)

 “Water is important because without water we wouldn’t be able to survive. Rain keeps the bugs and other creatures alive so they don’t get dehydrated so they will still live.”

 First grade – Vivian – Little Elementary (AISD)

 “Water is important to me because it is good for me, plants, and other things.”

 Second grade – Aiden – Key Elementary (AISD)

 “You need water to survive. Also, animals need it to survive and to grow food. It is a vital liquid.”

 Third grade – Isabella – Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School

 “Water is important because it helps keep you alive.”

 Fourth grade –Andy – Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School

 “I draw to raise awareness of the importance and not polluting water. Because, no water, no life.”

 The Mini Poster Contest judges also awarded an Honorable Mention to Mrs. Spikes and her kindergarten students at Merryhill Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School. The class worked as a team to list all the ways water is useful and important.

 Each grade level winner will receive a STEAM kit, a family four-pack of pool passes from the Parks Department, and water-themed books. Pre-kindergarten through second-grade winners will also receive four passes to Forever Forest, a traveling exhibit at River Legacy Nature Center. Third-graders and fourth-graders will be able to schedule a multi-age program led by a naturalist at River Legacy Nature Center.

 To learn more about other water education opportunities for Tarrant County students, please visit

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