Connect Arlington is a new public safety program that empowers community members to help keep their city and neighborhoods safe by partnering with the Arlington Police Department.

When a crime occurs, minutes and even seconds count. The quicker officers can determine what happened and who is responsible, the more likely they are to solve the crime, make an arrest, and prevent criminals from further harming the community.

One of the best tools for providing officers with that critical information is surveillance footage. 

Arlington residents with home surveillance systems, including RING doorbell cameras, can now voluntarily register with Connect Arlington, which will notify APD that there are cameras at your address. 

In the event a crime occurs in or near your neighborhood, Connect Arlington helps officers quickly identify where there are cameras that may have captured footage or images that could be helpful to the investigation.

The program also helps officers get in contact with the camera owners, resulting in more efficient communication and access to the surveillance footage. 

Connect Arlington DOES NOT give APD live or unfiltered access to residential cameras. It simply gives community members the opportunity to work with their police department and let officers know they're willing to assist if their surveillance footage can help make the city safer.

To learn more about Connect Arlington or to register for the program today, click here to visit the Connect Arlington site.

Arlington PD Real Time Crime Center 

Connect Arlington also gives interested businesses, organizations, and commercial stakeholders the ability to integrate their surveillance systems with APD's Real Time Crime Center using a technology called FUSUS. This will provide the department with real-time access to whichever feeds the business owner authorizes.

To learn more about integration, visit the Connect Arlington site. Integration is only available to businesses, organizations, and commercial stakeholders.