Dream Builders: Baking Classes for Children to Spark Their Creativity
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 16, 2023, March 16, 2023

Dream Builders is a show on MyArlingtonTV that highlights the ways our community is helping kids dream big, nurture their creativity, polish their skills, and develop the tools they need to achieve their American Dream as young adults.

The latest Dream Builders episode features Antonella’s Cake confectionary class, where children ages 5-14 can stimulate their creativity.

If you need an after-school program that teaches kids to learn the art of baking and cake decorating, Antonella’s Cake can help.

“I love teaching children because they are super creative, super eloquent,” said Altair Sandoval, founder and owner of Antonella’s Cake. “They put their own personality into what they’re doing.”
She started her business as a side hustle to be able to take care of her daughter and at the same time help her husband with the home expense.

“I needed to do something that allowed me to take care of my daughter, that is how Antonella’s Cake started and now I can fusion two of my passions cake decorating and teaching kids.”

The baking classes are once or twice a month depending on the number of students that register for the class. The classes are taught in English and Spanish, and they are designed for kids 5-10 and 8-14. Sandoval has been holding these classes since 2018 to give parents a fun after-school option for their kids to learn a new tread and inspire them to be creative. The classes are held at her house in Southeast Arlington or at different locations around the city, depending on the number of students.

To register for the classes, visit Antonella’s Cake Instagram or call (609) 576-3410.

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