Esports Stadium Arlington Partners with Top Achievers to Launch XP Boost Academy
By Esports Stadium Arlington
Posted on July 07, 2020, July 07, 2020

Esports Stadium Arlington

Esports Stadium Arlington and the Top Achievers Foundation have formed a partnership to launch XP Boost Academy. This program will provide students with a unique approach by combining traditional sports with esports while developing applicable skills both professionally and in gaming. The XP Boost Academy plans to launch this month for students from 9 to 17 years of age.

“At Esports Stadium Arlington we’ve noticed a missing connection between our youth and their ability to get involved with esports. On top of that, thousands of students across North Texas struggle to connect with traditional school programs. Through XP Boost Academy we hope to connect our youth to esports while creating more opportunities for them to be engaged with something they’re passionate about, so that they can be more successful in school and in life. We want kids to 'grow up' with esports through our facility and associated programs.

Partnering with Top Achievers allows us to accomplish our goals of supporting today’s youth through STEAM, esports and physical activities. They provide years of expertise and experience in creating youth programs, all of which can be leveraged to pull off the XP Boost Academy. Esports Stadium Arlington is able to supplement the partnership with our knowledge of esports, team of specialist, venue and technology to complete the requirements of bringing this program to life,’’ exclaims Jonathon Oudthone, President of Esports Stadium Arlington.

The partnership between Esports Stadium Arlington and Top Achievers is the first of many steps towards creating accessible programming for students interested in gaming. The students attending the XP Boost Academy will not only game but gain hands-on experience in various supplementary industries that support gaming and esports through real life experiences.

Top Achievers Foundation is pleased to join with Esports Stadium Arlington in announcing the collaboration in the development of the XP Boost Academy.

“Top Achievers Foundation, founded in 1996, is a faith-based sports development, leadership and academic support organization. In 2019, esports was added to our long-standing basketball program to broaden service to the youth of Collin County. During the past school year, Top Achievers, together with Microsoft Frisco, has provided classroom training for over 100 middle and high school boys and girls in electronic gaming, computer coding and insight into related career opportunities,” states Lawrence Mann, founder of Top Achievers Foundation.

“We view the combination of Top Achievers’ over 20 years of experience in development of youth, and the extraordinary capability of Esports Stadium Arlington as a unique opportunity for the young people of North Texas. This success has created its own brand, XP Boost Academy.”

Esports Stadium Arlington is the largest dedicated esports facility in North America. The facility serves as a turnkey solution for esports events and productions, built to serve the unique needs and demands of the esports community.

XP Boost Academy will begin its first summer program from July 27 to August 1, 2020. Increased health protocols have been put in place for this program to ensure the safety of both campers and staff. Click here for more information about XP Boost Academy.

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