2021 W. Abram St.
Arlington, TX 76013

Just to the west of the University of Texas at Arlington is 20 acres that was once a nursery founded by Oscar “O.S.” Gray, who is considered one of the greatest pecan tree breeders and nursery operators in the Southwest. Started in 1926, the nursery operated for more than five decades at that location. Perhaps George W. Hawkes, publisher of the Arlington Citizen Journal, described Gray’s passion best: “Though [Oscar Gray] is no longer with us, many Arlington and Texas homes will enjoy the fruits of his labors for the years yet to be. While it is true that “only God can make a tree”, Oscar Gray played a special role in taking the knowledge with which God endowed him to improve on a number of varieties of God’s best creations.” Perhaps there is no better way to honor Gray’s legacy than to name a place for him where the main attraction is a natural interior area that contains, what else, lots of his beloved trees.

  • Neighborhood Park/Natural Area (20 acres)


  • Hike/Bike Trail
  • Grill
  • Natural Area
  • Picnic Area
  • Playground

Accessible Features:

  • Sidewalk, but park trails are covered with mulch